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Re: Output from aide's daily cron job has changed.

On Saturday 17 April 2004 15:10, Adam Funk wrote:

> Following a recent apt-get upgrade, the morning e-mail from aide's
> cron job is a lot shorter (and less useful that it used to be):
> It used to include the list of added|removed|changed files (althought
> truncated if it exceeded a fairly large number of lines).  Now that
> information isn't even in /var/log/aide/aide.log -- which only
> contains
> the extremely short summary above.  To get the list of changes I have
> to run ``aide --update'' from a console or at.
> How can I change it back?

I figured this out on my own and I'm posting the solution in case
anybody else looks for it.

/etc/cron.daily/aide now contains the lines:

Changing it to
lets the aide command use its default verbosity setting, which includes
the list of changes.

Hope this helps someone else,

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