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MailScanner setup with Postfix

I setup MailScanner according to the directions on the website and
/var/spool/postfix.in and /etc/postfix.in as well as /var/spool/postfix
and /etc/postfix. Can someone tell me the difference between the two?  I
assume that postfix.in is for all incoming mail and postfix is for all
outgoing mail.  I seem to remember verifying this by using the
always_bcc command in /etc/postfix.in/main.cf and recieving copies of all
mail coming from an outside source, but not any copies of outgoing mail.
When I added it to /etc/postfix/main.cf I recieved copies of all outgoing
mail, but no incoming mail.  So I am close?

If the above is true, where do I put the SASL and TLS parameters?
postfix/main.cf or postfix.in/main.cf?



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