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Re: Newbie to SID: How to install the previous version of a package?

Paul Johnson wrote:
Sylvain Vedrenne <sylvain.vedrenne@free.fr> writes:
How to install the previous version of a package ?
If you need to ask this question, you should *NOT* be running sid.
I was new to Linux and had used Mandrake for a few months when I switched to Debian unstable.  What drew me to Debian was the automatic update feature.  Synaptic package manager is one of my favorite programs.  Talk about progress, seeing all those updates, really makes my imagination spin about a better world to come.  :-)

I had plenty of problems at first, but I'm glad I stuck with it.  I recommend Debian unstable for all programmers who are eager to learn.  I wanted to go to an earlier version of gimp because gimp2.0 didn't work for me at first.  I added testing sources and installed from there.  I received that tip from debian IRC.  Hey sid is unstable right?  :-)


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