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Re: [PATCH] restoring tg3 driver to latest 2.6.5 source

On Thu, 2004-04-22 at 13:32, Angel L. Mateo wrote:
> Hello,
>    Thank you for distributing this patch. I have some IBM xSeries servers that 
> also has a network card that uses the tg3 module (I don't know if it's the same 
> card or not). I have them with a customized 2.6.3 kernel. This week I have 
> tried to update to 2.6.5 in debian way, that is, make a deb from kernel-source 
> package, but I couldn't.
>    But I'm lost with the problem. I haven't followed any thread that could the 
> origin of this problem. Can anybody clarify what the problem is?

The issue with tg3 relates to a larger discussion about drivers that
contain chunks of binary firmware.  Their removal was noted in Debian
Weekly News #15 (13-Apr-2004), viewable at
http://www.debian.org/News/weekly/2004/15/ under the headline "Binary
Firmware Components removed".  Links from this announcement will provide
background info.


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