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Re: How to make your own customised Debian CD?

Basically, I want to burn a copy of my newly installed Debian(with all
the installed software that I need) from my HDD (in PC-A) to a
bootable CD. If I'm to bootup from this CD in another PC (called it
PC-B), will I be able to get into Single user mode and copy the
entire content into the HDD of PC-B? And after I reboot from HDD,
will the copied-over linux in PC-B able to detect the difference in
hardware configuration? Or do I need to install additional software
like anaconda?

bootcd is your friend!

- burns your local debian bootable on cd (like knoppix)
- has the feature, to copy back the data to hdd

you should only watch out for the network-support with PC-B.


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