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Re: Moving from XP and looking for replacement programs

> On Tuesday, 20 Apr 2004 14:22, Kristian Niemi wrote:
> > Is there a linux equivalent to Access (i.e. an *easy to use*,
> > preferrably WYSIWYG, database-program)?

My program is not in any way an Access replacement yet, but I wrote it 
to be a MSAccess substitute.  The design goals were: support table 
lookups with referential integrity, for single-user <1mb databases, do 
not require a server process, and use XML (not the old Berkeley DB).


Here is a screenshot of it being very MSAccess-ish:


Since the data is XML, xsltproc plays the role of the MSAccess report 

It has referential integrity (cascading deletes are prevented).  The 
entire database is loaded in memory and saved "in total" during each 

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