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urgent! question regarding Poppassd client

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Dear Sir,
Pls refer to the below I searched from Internet.
Currently I faced the same problem as you. I want to find a Poppassd client for linux from the Internet, but failed.
My linux email server is using Squirrel Mail. I want to add the feature of changeing the password. I downloaded the Poppassd-1.8.4 to my server and did the installation following the "README" instructions.  The last step of "README" is:
Install a poppassd client in your web server(some are available in ftp://ftp.ceti.pl/pub/linux/ )
Unfortunately, I can not connect to this ftp point. 
where I could get a Poppassd client for linux severDo you have answer now? 
I am very grateful to your kind help.
Thank you very very much!
Best Regards,

Re: A poppassd client

> Can some point me in the direction or tell me where I can learn about a
> poppassd client for linux/unix, Mac and wincrash95.

poppassd was designed to work with eudora's 'change password' feature.  as
far as i know no other application supports poppassd.

there is also a web form designed to interface with it, but i can't
remember where the link is.

you could try http://www.mtiweb.com/ as a starting point if you like.


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