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Re: reiserfs kernel messages

Yes, your filesystem probably has some corruption. To fix it up, the quickest way would be to boot into single-user mode. If you're using LILO, append the options to your kernel "single ro". For example, if your current image name is "linux" type "linux single ro" at the LILO prompt (which will appear if you hold shift on boot).

That'll boot your system with minimal services and the root drive in read-only mode. Now run the reiser filesystem check by typing:

reiserfsck /dev/hda1

This is assuming that your root device is /dev/hda1. Use the "mount" command or view your /etc/fstab file to find the root device.

Let resierfsck check the system and correct errors, and you should be alright.

	Luke Reeves

Rainer Köcher wrote:
Hello all,
I am using a vaio notebook with debian woody. I am using reiserfs for
the root filesystem.
i am getting strange kernel messeges which are looking like this:

Apr 21 06:36:29 notebook kernel: vs-5150: search_by_key: invalid format
found in block 18973. Fsck?
Apr 21 06:36:29 notebook kernel: vs-13070: reiserfs_read_inode2: i/o
failure occurred trying to find stat data of [2004 81408 0x0 SD]

things seem to work, only this messages are making me nervouse. could it
be that the filesystem is corrupted?

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