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Re: gnome calendar??

Benjamin Weste Pearre wrote:

No-one's maintaining ical these days, so I guess it's time for me to
move on.  But please tell me -- what package do I need to install (I'm
running unstable) in order to get gnome-calendar?  My faltering
attempts with google suggest gnome-utils, but no joy there.  Do I have
to actually _compile_ something???  Surely this is not the Debian Way!

Hello Benjamin,

Take a stroll through relevant sections of dselect.
I seem to remember other alternatives to ical, and the names weren't all that different, so they may very well be similar in appearance/function, and quite possibly an improvement on ical, which would be one explanation as to why ical isn't being maintained anymore. I can't remember which section exactly, but section utilities would probably be a good start.


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