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AW: Debian security for home user

> Debian certainly has lots of help files for security,
> so many that I got overwhelmed.
> Can someone point me to a simple document for a home
> user using Debian 3.0 testing on one machine with
> dialup connection? That is, just a simple intro or
> maybe checklist with pointers.
> Iptables just lost my poor old brain :-(

Depends on the "situation" you'd like to use it, small office, broadband
connection or home use....

To have some security for your box or even your entire home network, I'd
choose a separated firewall which is also good at proxying and has a DMZ,
for servers you'd like to put into the internet. You can check www.ipcop.org
e.g. this is a nice box which I use myself on a Pentium 90 Mhz, and it works
great, without, monitor, keyboard, mouse, anything, you'll also have a web
interface to connect to your firewall... and the best is, it's FREE of
charge and only 30 mb large!


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