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Re: Oracle install

On Tue, 2004-04-20 at 20:57, Cage wrote:
> I got my hands on a copy of Oracle 8i. I'm mostly trying it out for fun. 
>   But from what I've read it's a bear to install. I'm up to the 
> challenge. Been getting bored lately with no new projects. Anyone 
> install this bugger in Debian Woody and what to look out for. I found a 
> few links on Linuxquestions.org and am looking them over but also 
> looking for insight from y'all.

8i is rather out of date. I'd suggest downloading either 9i or 10g from
Oracle and trying them out. I wrote a guide last year for installing 9i
on Sid. You can find it at:


I'm currently working with someone on trying to get 10g to install
properly on a Woody system. If/when we get it taken care of, I'll add
that to the 9i page.
Alex Malinovich
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