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Re: Xinerama across Network

Gregory Seidman <gss+debian@cs.brown.edu> said on Sun, 18 Apr 2004 12:53:16 -0400:
> On Sun, Apr 18, 2004 at 05:16:10PM +0100, Rus Foster wrote:
> } Hi all,
> }  I'm looking for a way to see if its possible to have real Xinerama
> } across the network some how. What I'm talking about is more than x2x or
> } VNC in that if I say started something on I could drag the
> } entire window onto Does anyone know if this is possible?
> There is no X-based way to do it. You can probably fake it with a

Has *no one* heard of DMX (Distributed multihead X), let alone used
it?  Furffu!

> combination of x2x and VNC, however. You would have to run a VNC X

Or xmove, however, it is... erm... unflexible in usage. You have to
start all your applications on the special display, if you ever want
the capability of moving them. Perhaps it surfices to start your
window manager on the special display, but that will be somewhat slow.

Also, beware the dragons. Hope your network is reliable :) (I gave up
the plan of starting my window manager on my laptop from my desktop,
because I was unplugging the laptop too often).

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