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Re: Chrooting ssh.

On Wed, Apr 21, 2004 at 01:33:35PM +1000, Caveman wrote:
> Hi,
> I have looked around and googled about this a bit. But I was wondering if 
> anyone has chrooted A user for there access with ssh.
> I want to allow a friend of mine to get a terminal, but I want to be able to 
> lock him out of some of the system. Changing the permissions is going to be a 
> real pain, so I would rather just be able to lock him out.
> Any ideas ??

Try http://google.com/search?q=chrooting+ssh

(That's the Google query for your Subject:. Should make you think, do
you really have to ask here?)

George Cristian Birzan			gcbirzan (at) wolfheart (dot) ro
Always acknowledge a fault. This will throw those in authority off their
guard and give you an opportunity to commit more.
		-- Mark Twain

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