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Re: Problems with pciutils

On Tue, 20 Apr 2004 17:45:54 -0500
Brad Sims <bmsims1@insightbb.com> wrote:
> Ah, so /thats/ it there is a new version that pciutils depends on. 
> So I have to wait until Sid gets the new versions of libpci1 and 2.

Well, the way I read it it all is:

1.  the pciutils in sarge is currently broken (see #241360), so a
version has to come down from sid to fix that bug;

2.  but the version that comes down can't depend on both libpci1 and
libpci2, because pciutils is part of the base system, the base system
for sarge is frozen, and libpci1 and libpci2 are new packages;

3.  but pciutils does need the functionality that's in libpci1 and

So, as I read it, the solution for now is to incorporate the functionality
of the libpci1 and libpci2 packages into the pciutils and pciutils-dev
packages, changing the dependencies as necessary.  And this should show
up in sid fairly soon, and then sarge soon after.

That's my understanding of it all; Joey Hess and Colin Watson post here
and certainly know more about what's up with this, in case I'm saying
something completely bogus.  But that's my reading of the bug reports
(I ran into #241360 last week).


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