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apt preferences in latest Sarge don't work the way they used to

Hi Debian!

Today I tried to install a Sarge system with the 4.3.0 x-window-system coming from www.schuldei.org because it has a patch that combines xservers with distinct video cards.

The /etc/apt/preferences has:

Package: *
Pin: origin schuldei.org
Pin-Priority: 999

And the /etc/sources.list has:

deb file:/mnt/Debian3.1/CD1/debian sarge main contrib
deb file:/mnt/Debian3.1/CD2/debian sarge main contrib
deb file:/mnt/Debian3.1/CD3/debian sarge main contrib
deb file:/mnt/Debian3.1/CD4/debian sarge main contrib
deb file:/mnt/Debian3.1/CD5/debian sarge main contrib
deb file:/mnt/Debian3.1/CD6/debian sarge main contrib

#for modified bruby X
deb /http://www.schuldei.org/debian/bruby/ ./

deb http://security.debian.org/ stable/updates main contrib

where the deb file's point to loopmounted CD's of last Saturday.

This was discussed in this list here:


But apt-get install x-window-system now installs 4.3.0-7 and not 4.3.0-0pre1v3

This used to work with apt 0.5.23 on 3/23.

Any comments?


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