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Re: GDM not reading Sessions dir

On Tuesday 20 April 2004 17:50, Rob Benton wrote:

> I'm using the gdm package from sarge ( that I just updated
> to
> a few days ago.  For some reason I no longer have my usual sessions to
> choose from on the login screen.  All I see now is:
>     Last
>     1. Default System Session
>     Failsafe Gnome
>     Failsafe Terminal
> I have been using 2.4.* versions for some time w/o any problems.  I
> can hear an audible beep when gdm starts up which makes me think
> there's an error somewhere but nothing shows up in the log.
> Anybody run into this before?

Yes, just over a week ago following an apt-get upgrade (and I wasn't too
happy about it).  Look back for the threads "Adding Xfce4 to the GDM
sessions menu" and "Sessions disappeared in the GDM menu" starting on
2004-04-10.  (If you can't find those, post again and I'll summarize
what I did.)

My GDM has also beeped every time since then.  I think it's a feature --
but I'd appreciate if anyone could confirm or deny this.


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