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Re: HDIO_SET_DMA failed: Operation not permitted [SOLVED]

Mike Chandler wrote:
On Monday 19 April 2004 04:10 pm, Tim Beauregard wrote:

Markus Schabel wrote:

Tim Beauregard wrote:

Markus Schabel wrote:

Tim Beauregard wrote:

Unfortunately my first post was 9 days ago, and noone replied to that.

I had that problem when i forgot to compile the piix drivers into the
kernel. after fixing that, all worked fine again.

Thanks for the suggestion.  I inserted this module but it made no
difference.  I have an Athlon processor.  Do you think if I compiled
PIIx into the kernel as you did, I might get a different result?

i think you'll have no piix chipset if you have an athlon ;)
you have to compile your IDE chipset into the kernel, i think there are
also some global options inside IDE kernel config regarding DMA.

I've tried compiling kernels with the default settings, to no avail.
This is desperately frustrating!

best regards

Setting the DMA related options to be built directly into the kernel,
not as modules solved this problem.

Thank you so much Markus, this head can stop bashing walls!


Hmm, I will take another look at that...
hope that's it!

For the stock kernels, initrd must preload the modules making them available to the kernel early on, which makes DMA usable. In a self compiled one the loading must be too late.

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