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Re: So is this a kernel bug?

On (20/04/04 10:20), Kent West wrote:
> The other day I backed up a lot of Macintosh files to a Linux-based 
> backup "appliance" server (SNAP server?); it's named PEZ13.
> Now I'm trying to move those files to a similar server named PEZ10 using 
> my Debian box as the middle man. From the Debian box, I've tried the 
> command:
> cp -av /[mountpoint for pez13] /[mountpoint for pez10]
> and a bunch of files get copied, but after 5 or ten minutes, the Debian 
> box freezes up solid; it can't even be pinged anymore, and requires a 
> power-off to resurrect. The first time this happened I was running the 
> command from a terminal window in KDE, with other apps running. The 
> second time I did a fresh reboot, shut down KDE/KDM and any 
> extraneous-looking daemons (xprint, xfs, lisa, etc) and tried the same 
> command from the console, and again, the machine froze solid.
> Is this a bug that should be reported to the kernel folks, or what? It 
> seems that the kernel is supposed to be more robust than that, but I'm 
> no developer and don't really understand what's involved in making a 
> machine unfreezable.
Hi Kent

I can't answer your question but I've found that rsync works really well
for backing up files.



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