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Re: Debian lifecycle

Hello Dmitry!

On Tue, Apr 20, 2004 at 09:34:31AM -0600, Dmitry S. Makovey wrote:
> My question is about release lifecycle in Debian world: exactly how long on 
> average "stable" release is supported after it became "obsolete" or in other 
> words when there's new "stable" release? (as example - how long woody would 
> be supported in terms of errata etc. after sarge goes live?)

Quoting from http://www.debian.org/security/faq#lifespan :
"The security team tries to support a stable distribution for about
one year after the next stable distribution has been released, except
when another stable distribution is released within this year. It is
not possible to support three distributions; supporting two
simultaneously is already difficult enough."

The stable release before Woody, called Potato, has been supported
until June 30th, 2003 which was actually a little bit less than one
year after the release of Woody on July 19, 2002.

> Or if old "stable" release "dies" after new is out - how one performes upgrade 
> etc (I know about apt-get but I guess there's something more involved in this 
> process)

There are numerous update procedures. The Release Notes of the new
release will list the recommended way. Please see
for an example.


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