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Re: httpd.conf

On 2004-04-20, Linux Nick penned:
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> Does anyone have a working httpd.conf file that they could send me,
> directly or to the list? One that is hosting 2 sites in vhosts. Im
> really looking for one that is hosting on secure and one that is
> unsecure, but ill take just one with 2 working vhsots.  Im tired of
> looking at "sample" configs they never seem to work, I want one in
> production right now that is known to work. 
> Also is it possible to host 1 secure site and 1 unsecure site on the
> same address and when they put the https: instead of the http: the
> server automaticly knows which one to serve? Or would I have to change
> the name of one to be ssl.domain.com and the other www.domain.com?

Rather than trying to do it all in one file, install both the apache and
the apache-ssl packages.  You will then have separate configuration
files for your secure and insecure servers, one in /etc/apache, one in

HTTPS uses a different port by default than does HTTP, so there should
be no naming or IP issue.


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