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Re: Need help to configure aptitude

Hello 'anonymous'!

On Tue, Apr 20, 2004 at 04:27:19PM +0100, users@linuxforums.org wrote:
> After changing sarge, sid and woody in /etc/apt/preferences to
> testing, unstable and stable respectively, the priority seems to be
> correct. However, when I do[code:1:bdf5de3a17]aptitude show ~Astable
> ~nw3m[/code:1:bdf5de3a17]or any  ~n<any packagename>, package
> details of all available debian packages will scroll off the screen
> for a few mins.
> Is my syntax wrong?

Yes, omit the space, i.e.
aptitude show ~Astable~nw3m
or even
aptitude show ~Astable~n^w3m$


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