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Re: httpd.conf

Linux Nick(LinuxNick@comcast.net) is reported to have said:
> Does anyone have a working httpd.conf file that they could send me, directly
> or to the list? One that is hosting 2 sites in vhosts. Im really looking for
> one that is hosting on secure and one that is unsecure, but ill take just
> one with 2 working vhsots.  Im tired of looking at "sample" configs they
> never seem to work, I want one in production right now that is known to
> work. 
I am hosting 3 sites using vhosts.  Here are the only parts of the
conf file that are related.

DocumentRoot /var/www/
ServerName buddy.mtntop.home

DocumentRoot /var/www/patway/
ServerName patway.mtntop.home

DocumentRoot /var/www/mtntop/
ServerName mtntop.mtntop.home/


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