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Friend , opt in leads with full back up data


Thanks for your interest our opt in lead
site at www.interleads.net .

If you need leads with complete back up data
you should consider the level 2 leads.

They include:

First name, last name, email address, time date
stamp, ip address, full postal, and site where they
opted in from.

This gives you all the data you need to personalize
messages even including the city.

If your email program has mail merge capabilites
you can personalize your messages like:

"John in New York. We have a great opportunity
for someone in the New York area."

Someone is much more likely to read an
email which has his city in the subject line.
This separates you from the masses of emails
some people receive. Think about it.
Would'nt you be more likely to read
and email with your home town in the subject?

You also have all the back up data
in case someone tried to falsely accuse
you of sp*m.

You not only can provide the time date stamp and
ip like the level one leads but you can even 
tell your isp what street they
live on and their zip code!

There are packages starting at only $50.
To get started see www.interleads.net .

Remember we always give you extras to account
for undeliverables. We want you to be



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