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INIT: ID "2" respawning too fast: Disabled for 5 minutes

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Every few weeks, I have difficulties after closing a console login 
session. The error message is:
INIT: ID "2" respawning too fast: Disabled for 5 minutes

While the session is being respawned too fast, I obviously do not have 
access to it.

On previous occasions, I have managed to play with top and find a bash 
session to kill. That approach is not working this time.

I have Googled the problem. It appears to be not uncommon, but the 
variety of responses leaves me wondering if the responders are as 
knowledgeable as they sound. The most sensible proposal appeared to be 
in a message from Joey Hess on debian-users recommending to add a -L 
flag to the terminal respawn lines in /etc/inittab. I did so, followed 
by an "/sbin/init q". This has not helped.

I am running Libranet 2.8.0 updated to Debian sid/unstable.

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Bruce Miller
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