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Re: branding debian releases

Incoming from Chris Metzler:
> Hi.  You picked my post to reply to when you said this.  It may just
> have been a choice of many and wasn't directly in response to me.
> But just in case not, let me say that I agree completely with you,
> that I thought the point of view I was expressing was absolutely
> congruent to what you just said, and that I hope I didn't communicate
> otherwise (since that would be the exact opposite of what I wanted

I was partly replying to the thread, partly replying to bolster your
opinion with historical context, and partly replying just to not
remain silent.  I think this whole renaming of Debian releases thing
is asinine, ignores what Debian's really about, and ignores better
solutions to whatever perceived problems people think exist.

Anyone who doesn't like the installer, go with Libranet; that's their
main selling point.  They also support a more "up to date" mix of
packages.  Don't want to pay for free software?  Learn to love stock
Debian then, and shut up about the installer!

The same can be said for advanced hardware detection and Knoppix
(among others).

Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced.
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