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Re: Frontpage ext

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Mozzi <linux@mostert.nom.za> writes:

> On Tuesday 06 April 2004 07:24, Paul Johnson wrote:
>> What is your final goal?  I see three distinct possible courses of
>> action.
> Well....er...  to host frontpage sites on my webserver?

Right, but for those of us who don't know, what's so special about
Frontpage that it requires apache plugins to work right?

> Being an ISP that kinda makes sense doesn't it?

Not particularly, I prefer not getting compromised by insecure plugins
to apache.

>> 1) The more-work route: Cut your losses and scrap the Frontpage idea,
>>    post what your final goal is and possibly get an answer on how to
>>    do the same in an open manner.
> If you could do that, I would easily be the happiest person around.

OK, so what does Frontpage do that it requires poorly tested apache
plugins for?

>> Little ironic, given the question, eh?
> That typifies my filosophy but if people pay you for hosting, and you like 
> taking their money you sometimes have to compromise. 

http://xprt.net/  "If you need technical support, you aren't our customer."

>> [1] http://ozguru.typepad.com/gday_mate/2004/03/microsoft_vs_ps.html
> Funny ;-)

Also true.

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Paul Johnson
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