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problems accessingg / viewing shares on a linux box from windows.

Hi all,
Problem viewing a linux pc from windows
On a box running windows 98 I login using the login name  x w
x space w
when I double click on the linux enty in network neighbourhood, I get prompted for a password to enter, for the following resource \\debian\ipcs$
which fails.
I think the reason it fails is due to there being no user acount on the same box with the corresponfing user name as the one currently logged into the win 98 box. How do I create a suitable loggin / user on the linux box (debian 3.0 / woddy).
adduser x w
or adduser --force-badname x w
or add user --force-badname 'x w'
does not work with an error message complainig about the space in the user name.

Thus my Q is how do I create suitable users on the linux box ?


Robert Fernando

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