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Re: intel fortran compiler probelms

Clifton wrote:

I can't seem to get the fortran compiler to install on debian. I am new to linux. was wondering if anyone had any experience with intel's fortran compiler, none of the instuctions i found on the web seem to work, so i must be doing something wrong.

clifton sluss
I am a newbie myself. But I was able to install ifort (8.0) on debian testing successfully. It is the non-commercial unsupported version. Also please note that I am not running any "complicated license servers etc" for this software. But you should not be having any problems with that also. The procedure I followed is

create /opt/intel_fc_80/licenses
copy the .lic file you got in the email to this directory
convert the rpms to .deb files using alien --to-deb *.i386.rpm
install the debs using dpkg -i --force-overwrite *.deb
run the install.sh script with -finalize-only option
make changes in /etc/bashrc or ~/.bashrc
If necessary remove the man -w things in ifortvars.sh and idbvars.sh

feel free to ask if you get stuck at some point

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