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Re: why must Debian call Taiwan a "Province of China"?

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Joey Hess was on the mark to criticize members of this list for rising 
to flamebait.

International technical fora are adamant that they discuss only 
technical issues and leave politics to the politicians. To help this 
international technical forum --- a mailing list about an operating 
system --- to do the same, let us remember what the politicians of the 
national government of most of the participants in this debate have 
done on this issue:

The International Standards Organizations operates by consensus. The 
flip-side of consensus is that everyone has a veto. The ISO standard 
would not have happened without the 100% agreement of the United States 

The United Nations' usage is one which the United States Government 
agreed to of its own free will over 30 years ago and from which no 
subsequent Administration, neither Republican nor Democratic, has 
wavered since.

Far be it from any of us outside the USA to criticize the right of 
Americans to criticize their government's policy, or for any other 
nationality to criticize its government's policy, but an international 
technical forum is not the place to do it.

It is perfectly reasonable of Debian to adopt an international standard. 
It raises Debian above the debate which is taking place here.

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