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Re: permissions for /var/mail/.fetchmail-UIDL-cache

On Sat, 3 Apr 2004, Antonio Rodriguez wrote:

> Can someone check permissions for /var/mail/.fetchmail-UIDL-cache ?
> An upgrade (sid) is aborting because of permissions.
> In my system I have
> tony@hpd:~$ ls -l /var/mail/.fetchmail-UIDL-cache
> -rw-r--r--  1 fetchmail mail 0 2004-04-03 06:12 /var/mail/.fetchmail-UIDL-cache
> The upgrade script wants them to be 0710, but the way they are seem ok
> to me. But I am not an expert.

This has been reported as a bug (#241649).  I had success doing a
'chmod 0710' but, being relatively inexperienced, I have no idea is
that's good/bad/acceptable/whatever--a better solution would probably
be to put the package on hold until this is resolved.

Christopher Nelson  - crnels2 AT uky DOT edu
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