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Re: Qt-3.3.1

hugo vanwoerkom wrote:
Hi Debian:

A month ago Trolltech released Qt-3.3.1. Because I have problems printing from the Sarge Qt 3.2 I installed the X11 version.

If you install it with Xft enabled you get super-looking graphics.

The only thing is I could not find an easy way to do an incremental install, i.e. w/o examples of tutorials, so it runs for 2+ hours.

But a very nice package.


I, of course :-( found out my print problems were my own: I was doing a setWindow and setViewport BEFORE allocating the painter. Now it works as advertized...

jpeg output can be viewed at http colon slash slash esquipulas dot homeunix dot com slash aa2 dot jpeg

This program graphs anything, this is just a particular example graphing an astrology program I wrote and I wanted to find out what planet was close to the moon yesterday and it is jupiter...


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