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Re: How do I install a BIN file?


Richard Blake (<sajaylu@msn.com>) wrote:

> I recently discovered how to install Knoppix onto my hard          
> drive and I also noticed it was Debian also. I have two questions 
> really. Is Knoppix Debian?


> or a Debian Mod?

Yes. Knoppix offers some extended functions (like the automatic hardware
detection), and has packages from all Debian branches (from stable,
testing, sid and experimental). If you want to install Software from
the Debian archives, and if you want security updates, Knoppix is not
the best choice.

> the other question is How do I Install a BIN file. I downloaded it 
> from the LimeWire Website and I just basically want to know what the 
> heck to do with it. And yes I am a Newbie to Linux.  

In most cases, making it executable (chmod u+x file.bin) and running it
(./file.bin) works. Often the file contains some sort of shell script,
so calling

sh file.bin

also works.

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

Andreas Janssen <andreas.janssen@bigfoot.com>
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