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Re: SMP on Compaq 850r


On Thu, Apr 01, 2004 at 12:50:57AM +0100, Pete Clarke wrote:
> > I'm running an HP Netserver LHPro200 and it is running the same kernel
> > and both processors seem to be working fine.  I think there was a
> > security patch for this kernel a few weeks ago and I didn't notice any
> > problems post upgrade.
> Wierd ... everything was fine before the last kernel security upgrade, since
> then none of the machines will use the 2nd CPU.
> I am going to try a clean install of debian on a spare 850 to see if it
> works, I'll ost my results when I find out.

I've got a few of their "cousins" - the professional workstation 5000.
The 2nd CPU isn't correctly shut down when you do a soft reboot so you
have to do a hard reboot i.e power cycle to get CPU2 online.

Good machines though (using one to write this email!).


- Chris.

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