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Re: Question requarding older HP machines

Incoming from Charles Lewis:
> I am setting up a linux lab for a school and was wondering if the following 

Define "school."  What are they going to be doing?

> would be supported by -
> 100MHz PA-RISC Processor
> 64MB RAM (192 max)
> 2.1GB Hard Drive
> Single Ended SCSI-II
> 4MB Integrated video system
> Integrated audio system
> Integrated 10Mbps LAN

I expect a kernel compile may take all night on that CPU, you need to
_at least_ double the RAM, the hard drive is _way_ too small.

If they're going to just act as shell logins (to teach CLI / bash /
networking / etc.) they may be fine.  Would I want to use Linux on
those boxes now?  I don't think so.

If you can dig up one other machine and load it to the gills with ram
and fast disk, you could turn it all into a NIS/NFS network that might
do well.

This is assuming Linux runs on PA-RISC; offhand, I can't remember if
it does.

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