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Debian in Server Farm

We are in the process of migrating an overburdened Debian
3.0/Apache/qmail box into a webfarm setup.

Looking at using a ServerIronXL for loadbalancing.

Would appreciate anyone's experiences/recommendations on the following

1. What is the recommended method to synch config files on all "real"
servers (Eg. Httpd.conf, horde/imp config files etc?) - Have only one
server that admins connect to for mods, then rsync any changes to the
other servers?

2. What about logfiles - We would have all users mail etc on an NFS
share - Can you do the same for logfiles?(Or do you get locking issues?)
- From a statistical aspect, it would be a pain to have to collaborate
each "real" servers logfiles, then run analysis. Also from a support
perspective - How are support personnel supposed to know which "real"
server a client would actually be connecting to in order to see if they
are entering a wrong username/pass etc?

3. Imaging of Servers - I have looked at SystemImager
http://www.systemimager.org/, and it looks to do exactly what I want
(i.e. be able to create a bootable CD from our SOE for deployment of new
serverfarm boxes, or quick recovery from failure) - Can anyone provide
feedback as to it's effectiveness?

Thanks in advance.


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