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Re: Debian (Woody) [bf2.4] Default FTP Server

Andrew Gilberto wrote:
> I've installed Debian (Woody) [bf2.4] Default, I recall that it stated it 
> would install an FTP Server as default.

I don't recall it ever saying that.  Where did you see that?

Remember that FTP is insecure by design.  It was written to support
completely different types of computers and character sets talking
over a network when just getting computers to talk at all was a
miracle.  As the old saying goes if you have to ask which is better
then you should not be running any of them.  At least not on the
hostile global Internet.  Behind a firewall for your own purposes is

> Anyone know what its' details are? 
> E.g. Package name, location of key files (e.g. config file) etc ....
> Is the default one any good? Is it secure enough?
> I've heard wu-ftpd isn't as secure as proftpd.

There are many ftp servers available.  But you will need to choose one
and install it.  Here is a short list.

  apt-cache search ftpd | grep ftpd | grep -v tftp

  bsd-ftpd - Port of the OpenBSD FTP server
  ftpd-ssl - FTP server with SSL encryption support.
  lukemftpd - The enhanced ftp daemon from NetBSD.
  muddleftpd - A flexible and efficient FTP daemon
  oftpd - A secure anonymous FTP server
  pyftpd - ftp daemon with advanced features
  twoftpd - a simple secure efficient FTP server
  vsftpd - The Very Secure FTP Daemon
  wu-ftpd - powerful and widely used FTP server
  proftpd - Versatile, virtual-hosting FTP daemon

A lot of people have opinions about these.  You might as well ask
which editor is best.  Personally I use bsd-ftpd for my simple needs.
The one I most often hear the praises of is proftpd.


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