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Install over serial console?


 I am trying to install Debian on RLX blade server. Those things do not have
keyboard, mouse or monitor - only serial port.
 I can do a netinstall of Debian - it boots into PXE, gets netinstall files
and with right setup lets me in on ttyS0 to do the install - everything
fine. I can go through install without problems. The problem is when it
reboots and wants to go through post-install setup, there is nothing
listening on serial port so I am stuck with a box that's pingable but not
much else.
 Is there any way to break out of Debian installer and edit inittab (and
maybe grub config) to add a getty on ttyS0 before I reboot it? Any other
suggestions on how can I get this thing up and running?

 Thank you,

 Sergei Genchev

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