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Re: Inline PGP signatures

At 2004-03-26T20:11:42Z, Bill Thompson <Billt@Mahagonny.com> writes:

> (and don't tell me to get them to switch off of Outlook. like the
> proverbial blond, you can lead a die-hard M$ user to water, but you can't
> make them think.)

The only solution I know of is to configure your client to use
recipient-specific signing methods, which is what I've done with Gnus.
Email groups are signed by PGP/MIME, Usenet groups get signed inline, and
certain users get inline or no signatures, depending on how I've set them

Anybody know how Outlook 2003 handles PGP/MIME signatures?
Kirk Strauser
In Googlis non est, ergo non est.

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