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chkrootkit: many hidden processes

Ran chkrootkit, and it found several (over 12) hidden processes.
Checked with chkrproc, and it seems like the following programs create (several) hidden processes:

Mozilla Thunderbird: 6 hidden processes
Mozilla Firefox: 4 hidden processes
Clamav-daemon: 1 hidden process
Fireflier-server: 2 hidden processes
Fireflier-client: 3 hidden processes

(I stopped/started the programs, and noted how many hidden processes went away / came to being.)

Now, I actually don't have a clue what this means.

Are there bugs in the mentioned software? I assume it can't have anything to do with any settings or some such, but that it has to do with `how the programs are'? Should it be like this?

What can I do about it? /Should/ I do anything about it? Is it safe to keep running them?

h: Kristian

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