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Re: exim - spamassassin? - msexchange

Michael Kahle <michael.kahle@scc-wi.com> writes:

> I would like to setup a intermediary mail server that will filter email
> coming in for spam and then reroute the "good" mail to my msexchange server.
> Any suggestions on what I should use to do this?

Ditch exchange, deploy a real MUA to your users.

> I am currently thinking that I need to use exim as my mta and spamassassin
> as my filtering program.  Does this sound like a good approach?


> What problems should I expect up front so that I can perhaps account
> for these before I change over?  Is there a system that would allow
> users to send an email to say nospam@mydomain.com and it could
> automatically process this mail as spam and prevent future delivery?


Just give each person their own login, let them handle their own

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