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Re: Promise or 3Ware?

On Wed, 24 Mar 2004 12:58:16 -0500
"Derrick 'dman' Hudson" <dman@dman13.dyndns.org> wrote:

> I now need to buy some hardware to set up a 2-disk RAID-1 array for a
> server.  The server will run debian with kernel 2.6.  The cost
> (money-wise) is not really an issue.  The disks are ATA/133 (already
> purchased).  Which would you recommend, and why?
>     Promise FastTrak TX2000 controller
>         with 2 Promise SuperSwap 1000 host-swappable drive bays
>     3Ware Escalade 7006-2 controller (or 7506-4LP model)
>         with 1 3Ware RDC-400 hot-swappable drive cage

I'd definitely go for the 3Ware because it has better driver support.
The driver is developed by 3Ware directly and supports all the features
(there's even monitoring software)  while Promise has a rather bad
history when it comes to Linux drivers.

> Say, what's the difference between a 32-bit/66MHz and a 64-bit/66MHz
> PCI card?  Are there limitations as to what motherboards they will
> work on?  This particular machine is an older PII.

The 64bit cards essentially have a longer connector which can cause
hardware problems if you don't have a slot that has some unobstructed
space where those pins would go. The 3Ware cards should - judging from
the vendor information - work in 32bit slots, but I guess there can be
the odd problem with some firmware revisions.

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Humor noted, but that sig is a wee bit long... Also:
 - (La)TeX doesn't come with a "humor" environment
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