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AW: Question.....unsubscribe

Am Mittwoch, 24. März 2004 14:10 schrieb Simmel:
<> Hi "Listmaster(s?)",
<> Seems like most people can't read?
<> Isn't it possible to do an autoreply only to all mails which have the
<> Subject "unsubscribe" telling the sender to use the apropriate
<> debian-user-request@lists.debian.org to unsubscribe. And furthermore
<> directly deleting the mail, before it enters the list? Would save us
<> 10 Mails a day, sometimes even more :-)

<Why an autoreply? You can forward this mails directly to the right place.

That's true I can /dev/null them after receiving them... I just thought it
might be more clever to delete them before they're send. That would reduce
the traffic. 10 mails * X users (e.g. 1000) would mean 10.000 delivered
mails per day * 365 would be 3.650.000 mails per anno.

But anyway, I don't won't to be a smart ass, it was just a thought ;-)


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