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AW: OK, I'm a coward...help me feel more at ease?

<Did the deed, still boots to the old kernel.  I've read the man
<lilo.conf til I'm blue in the face, changed, rechanged, changed again,
<still no other boot option.  Uncommenting the alias line helped give
<options for boot aliases, yes, but I don't seem to have keyboard access
<when lilo wants me to choose.  I'm stumped.  I'm sure I have missed
<something obvious, but have no idea where to begin thinking about

<Is the "optional" stanza with no arguments a factor?

Did I gave you those urls already??? Pretty good infos there!


But the best one is this link, configure ur kernel under X. If you follow
the steps you'll have a new kernel and your lilo entries without any hassle.

Hmh, can'T find my bookmark :-(

But this one also decribes how to do this with xconfigure and also about
configuring lilo entries!



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