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nat and dhcp

I'm trying to turn my debian box into nat server. So far, I've got the kernel configured with all the netfilter stuff that the IP Masquerade-howto on tldp.org said (I'm running 2.4.24, with sarge/sid). I've installed dhcpd and it seems to run fine. So here's my problem: my laptop (which has a dhcp client thats works on campus) can ping my deskstop but that's all. It can't reach the net. I have done the echo 1 >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward thing to turn it on and still nothing. So here is my dhcp.conf and my /etc/network/interface file snippets. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

king:/proc/sys/net/ipv4# more /etc/dhcpd.conf
# Sample configuration file for ISC dhcpd for Debian
# $Id: dhcpd.conf,v 2002/07/10 03:50:33 peloy Exp $

# option definitions common to all supported networks...
option domain-name "mytalon.com";
#option domain-name-servers king.mytalon.com;

option subnet-mask;
default-lease-time 600;
max-lease-time 7200;

#my declared subnet for eth1
subnet netmask {
option broadcast-address;
#  option routers prelude.fugue.com;

king:/proc/sys/net/ipv4#  more /etc/network/interfaces
# /etc/network/interfaces -- configuration file for ifup(8), ifdown(8)

# The loopback interface
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

# The first network card - this entry was created during the Debian installation
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

#Second network card - 3Com vortex
auto eth1
iface eth1 inet static

Something else that I don't completely understand (this is my first time ever creating a network) is that my laptop picks up from DHCPACK when ifup eth0. Shouldn't it receive on



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