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dual-boot after crash


I recently had some problems with my computer and had
to reinstall Windows XP.  After I done that, I don't
get the LILO screen with boot options anymore.  It
starts XP automatically.  I checked and the Windows XP
C: drive is the size of the original partition, so I
think my Linux partition is still there.

So, I would like to set the computer for dual-boot
again.  But at this point I don't have access to the
Linux partition.  I just made a bootable floppy from:


So, I guess that that will allow me to "see" the linux

I am not sure if after the crash my linux partition is
OK.  So I wanted to check its integrity.  (cfsck?) 
How would I do that?

Finally how would I make Lilo give me the dual-boot

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Best to all,


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