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Re: Debain over Redhat

On Fri, 2004-03-19 at 00:34, Matthew Joyce wrote:
> Dear Debian-users,
> An future project here will use Apache/PHP/PostgreSQL on a Dell server.
> The vendor will advocate Redhat, but Debian is the only linux I have
> used so that would be my choice.
> I will be supporting the box and os, they will support the app.
> I do not know the versions of the packages they will want to use, so I
> don't know if vanilla woody will be sufficient.
> I guess what I want to find out is, is there any reason why Debian would
> not be able to do the job that they are suggesting Redhat for, and what
> reasoning can I use to support my proposing Debian.

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The very first reason I would use: If you pay, you decide. Fullstop.

I'm not an admin. I started running Linux with RedHat Linux about 3
years ago or so on a single user machine, and I started running Debian
last summer for the first time. What I find extremely much easier on
Debian compared to the RedHat way is the way how system updates are
done. I found it extremely more difficult to update my system on RedHat
than on Debian.

And I'd check very carefully prices that you possibly have to pay
nowadays for a RedHat system and its possible updates when they become

All in all I really enjoyed RedHat Linux until some time ago - minus the
difficulties regarding packages updates.

But as I said: If you pay then you decide.

Best Regards
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