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svgatextmode question

Hi everybody,

I have a question regarding svgatextmode.

I installed a new HDD in my notebook and installed a fresh SID system on it. Everything works nicely except that I can't get svgatextmode working again like it did before.

The notebook has a neomagic graphics chipset (Neomagic Corporation NM2200 [MagicGraph 256AV] (rev 32)) and svgatextmode works almost well, except that the cursor is missing on bootup. When I restart it (/etc/init.d/svgatextmode restart) I get the cursor back for the current console. The other consoles stay without cursor though.

In /etc/TextConfig I have the line
Cursor 26-31
which seem to define a propper cursor.

I also had to create the file /etc/default/STM_nocheckfb to get it working at all.

Before my complete new Debian installation (was also SID) it worked like a charm and I don't remember that I had to do anything to get it working.

Does any2 have an idea what might be wrong?

TIA, Harry

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