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Re: Dual Displays and Gaming

On Sun, 2004-03-14 at 00:20 -0500, Thomas G wrote:

> I have been using Dual displays for some time now but whenever I go to 
> play a game like ut2004demo i get in half on one lcd and half on the 
> other. This creates issues taking in mind that my crosshair is split but 
> 1 inch of screen gap. Is there a way I can fix this problem without have 
> to edit XF86Config-4 (to disable one of the monitors) and restarting X 
> everytime.
> Thanks like always,
> Thomas

I have this same problem (using nvidia's TwinView rather than straight
xinerama, altho they seem to do the same thing).  It's not a perfect
solution, but I added both layouts (one with, and one without TwinView)
to the X config. When I come to play a game, I launch a second X server
with 'startx -- -layout single :1' and use that (without killing the
original X server).

Pretty much boils down to the same solution as what you're doing
already, but makes switching configs much easier.  If you do take this
route however, remember to stop Xscreensaver on the existing server -
glslideshow running on the inactive server can really eat into your


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