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Re: Scary hda & ext3 messages

Alphonse Ogulla wrote:

Hi all,
I got this rather scary message when I booted up my Debian PC last evening. First I noticed my hdd was making relatively more noise than usual. I had removed it quite recently for use in backing-up data of a windoze machine that was showing symptoms of imminent disk failure. (discovered later that it wasn't actually the disk, but the IDE cable). I connected this device as the master, booted Linux and transfered all data on the ntfs partition to a newly created vfat partition and returned the disk to where it belonged. So, upon restarting Linux successfully, running fsck at boot, logging in and using the machine for a while whilst listening to grinding noises coming from the hdd, I heard this clicking sound just before the light of the hdd went off. I then issued ls command to list directory contents but what I got was a sequence of lost interrupt messages;

hda: lost interrupt
hda: lost interrupt
hda: lost interrupt

and so on..........

I'm 99.32749% sure your hard drive is failing; it's just a coincidence that it happened just after making some partition changes (or perhaps the partition changes caused the head to move into the "trigger" zone, which triggered the failure).

Backup your drive now, if you can (I really don't have a whole lot of confidence that you'll get everything).


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