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Re: OpenOffice blank page after first page

* Emma Jane Hogbin (emmajane@xtrinsic.com)[20040308 13:35]:
> Hi everyone,
> I've googled before for this problem and I can't find the solution. When
> I'm writing proposals for clients I like to use two page styles:
> 	First Page
> 	Default (the rest of the document)
> But when I print the document an extra page is inserted between First Page
> and Default. The page numbering is correct. 
> As far as I can tell this is because Open Office wants all pages to be 
> either Left or Right. First Page is, by default, a "Left Page" and
> Default, by default, starts with another "Left Page" -- which leaves a
> blank "Right Page" between the two. If I modify the First Page style to 
> be "Right Only" then my document *starts* with a blank page and flows 
> correctly. But I still have a blank page.

A workaround to save a few sheets until you find a solution:
Set the first page to "Right", and when you print, choose to
print only pages "2-", meaning all pages except 1.

good times,

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